Launch of the Småland Triennale!

8 March 2023 19:36


During the summer of 2023, Småland’s art institutions, artists and smaller associations will organize the Småland Triennale together. We are also launching the newly formed district Konstfrämjandet Småland.

This summer we hold the first Småland Triennale, which is a unique collaboration between art institutions, artists and smaller associations. With an ear to the ground and an eye directed towards a complex contemporary age of growing social divides, declining faith in democracy, climate alarms and global states of war, the Småland Triennale wants to be an engine for meetings between people through art and culture.

The triennial’s common theme is Små Land – (small countries) a term that has been used historically to describe Småland’s variegated landscape. Based on the theme, exhibitions, workshops and projects are arranged at around twenty locations around Småland. Through an exploratory approach, which spans educational efforts and artistic projects, artists and the public interact in global and local issues around designed living environment, nature, climate and biological diversity and how they relate to Småland’s conditions.

The goal of the triennial is to make visible, support and build long-term relationships and collaborations between established cultural institutions, artist-run businesses and associations in Småland. Through closer collaborations, the Triennale wants to counteract the emerging “white spots” on the map where the public is not reached by art or culture. Several projects have an ambulatory and outreach character or are aimed directly at children and young people.

When the three-year art project Nya Småland ended in 2020, there remained a strong will to continue investigating, visualizing and activating Småland’s art map. Therefore, Konstfrämjandet Småland 2023 was founded, which works through a new and recurring triennial for a counter movement and complement to the established and institutions in the cities.

The Småland Triennale and Konstfrämjandet Småland have emerged through a deepened collaboration and initiative of the art institutions Vandalorum, Småland Konstarkiv, Kalmar Art Museum, Virserums Art Hall, Växjö Art Hall, Österängens Art Hall and The Glass Factory as well as in collaboration with Linnaeus University.

The head of the Småland Triennale is Konstfrämjandet Småland. The Småland Triennale is carried out with support from the Culture Council, Region Jönköping County, Region Kalmar County and Region Kronoberg.

Feel free to follow Smålandstriennalen on Instagram for more news.

More information will be published continuously on Konstfrämjandet Småland’s website.

For more information about the Småland Triennale:
Nicolas Hansson, project manager, 0370-30 22 05

Madeleine Petersson, communicator, 0709–59 32 42

For more information about Konstfrämjandet Småland:
Johanna Linder, chairman of Konstfrämjandet Småland, 0768-61 09 00

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