Löv faller i tid - Maria Devia i Studio476
09 feb - 27 mar

Löv faller i tid – Maria Devia i Studio476

On the vast canvas of the wall emerges a piece that captivates with its natural elegance and intricate beauty: ”Leaves in Time.” This mural, spanning a dimension of 360cm wide by 120cm high, is a visual symphony celebrating the majesty of nature through a unique and meticulous approach.

Every detail of this piece is carefully crafted to evoke the sensation of being immersed in an enchanted forest. The leaves, precisely cut into ovals, dance in a harmonious play of sizes and hues, creating a rich palette of colors that bring the mural to life. From the lush green of the jungle to the golden ochre of autumn, the leaves sway in a silent choreography, reminiscent of the ephemeral beauty of nature in constant change.

The ingenious technique of assembly using wires and nylon threads allows the leaves to float in the air, suspended at different heights and angles, as if dancing in a gentle spring breeze. These invisible connections between the leaves underline the interconnectedness of all natural creation, while anchor points on the wall provide a firm base for this ephemeral artistic expression.

But the most intriguing aspect of ”Leaves in Time” is its ability to transform. Visitors have the unique opportunity to acquire a fragment of this piece, turning it into a personal mobile that captures the essence of the mural itself. Each individual piece becomes a unique treasure, carrying with it a part of the history and energy of the original work.

In ”Leaves in Time,” nature comes to life in a visual symphony that transcends time and space, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the ephemeral beauty and eternal connection of our environment.

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